Team USO 2024: Anthony Lee

Only six marathons have the title World Marathon Major: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City. These marathons are some of the most prestigious in the world and Anthony Lee has made it his mission to complete all six in the same year and earn the Six Star Medal. Has he run some of them before? Yes. Will he do it again more than a decade later to claim this prestigious title? Absolutely, yes. But that’s only a small reason why Anthony is a part of Team USO running in the 128th Boston Marathon this year on April 15th, 2024.

Anthony standing in front of the Six Star Medal display in Tokyo. | Photo credit Personal photo from Anthony Lee

Anthony is an avid runner, but he is also passionate about making a positive impact on the world. By running for #teamUSO, he’s supporting service members and creating real change in their lives and the lives of their families. Anthony didn’t pick the USO by chance, he has a personal connection to our organization.

Anthony Lee finishing the 2024 Tokyo Marathon this past March. | Photo credit Personal photo from Anthony Lee

Anthony is a 22-year retired military veteran, along with his wife who retired after 21 years of service. “Without the USO, many of us would not have had a chance to laugh or relax while we were deployed,” said Anthony, “If you are in the military or have been through an airport, you have seen the USO sign or stopped by a USO Center, this is but a drop in the bucket to what the USO does on a daily basis.”

Anthony Lee and his wife posing for a photo in their military uniforms. | Photo credit Personal photo from Anthony Lee

One of the campaigns Anthony champions online is “R.E.D on Fridays!” Why? It stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. “Right now, we have service members deployed all over the world and the USO is an organization that supports and is active overseas and here in the United States, helping military and their families,” Anthony posted online.

We’re so excited to have a runner on Team USO in the Boston Marathon that understands and supports our mission: to strengthen the well-being of the people serving in America’s military and their families – for the people who serve.

You can help Anthony and his fellow Team USO runners reach their Boston Marathon goal by donating here:

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