Amazon Business Sponsors Team USO at 2023 Boston Marathon®

Amazon Business is sponsoring Team USO at the 127th Boston Marathon® this upcoming April. The USO has used Amazon Business for years to streamline processes and deliveries for its more than 275 centers around the world. As a working relationship developed, Amazon Business became a valued partner in furthering the USO’s mission.

As a sponsor, Amazon Business supplied the USO with a generous donation that will go toward providing services and programs to service members and their families locally and abroad. Amazon Business isn’t just known for delivering innovative solutions to its customers, but it is also known for driving change in the community. A prime example is its partnership with the USO.

“We pride ourselves on building trust with our nonprofit customers so we’re more than a resource, we are a partner in their mission,” stated Mike Dutile, an enterprise nonprofit customer advisor at the company.

Mike is very familiar with the USO’s mission because of his military service. He served on active duty for the Army from 2010-2019 in special operations. Throughout his career, Mike utilized a variety of the USO’s programs, including care packages and calling cards, allowing him to stay connected to home.

“The USO provides soldiers with a safe place to find a moment of calm in an otherwise chaotic place. While serving in positions of leadership I would encourage soldiers to visit the USO to get a break when possible,” said Mike. “That capability was essential to the morale of our teams and helped to keep our soldiers focused and stave off any form of complacency.”

Today, Mike draws on the lessons he learned serving alongside America’s elite fighting force to find cost-saving measures for nonprofit organizations so they can put time and funds back toward their mission and the ones they serve. As someone who has served his country, Mike enjoys working with individuals who have dedicated their careers to serving others. He acknowledged that service to others comes in various forms, and this position is a way for him to serve the nonprofit community.

Mike knows firsthand the impact the USO has on service members and is delighted that Amazon Business can play a part in continuing the longstanding tradition of keeping service members connected to family, home and country.

“Seeing that USO flag when you arrived to any location, especially those in an austere, kinetic location, meant you had the opportunity to touch home,” he stated. “That’s an emotion you can’t quantify.”

Thanks to Amazon Business and sponsors alike, the USO will be able to bring a touch of home to more service members worldwide.

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