Get to Know Team USO Runner Paige Khosla

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Paige Khosla is a member of Team USO running in the 2023 Boston Marathon® and raising funds on behalf of the USO. Let’s get to know more about Paige!


     - Spending time with her dog      - Enjoying the outdoors with her family      - Reading

Favorite Movies:

     - “The Wizard of Oz”      - “Miracle”      - “Remember the Titans”

Favorite Music/Musicians:

     - The Tragically Hip      - Stevie Wonder      - Van Morrison

Celebrities She’d Love to Meet:

     - Gordie Howe      - Doug Gilmour      - George W. Bush      - Princess Diana

Favorite Sports Team:

     - Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite TV Shows:

     - Abbott Elementary      - Blue Bloods      - Yellowstone

Favorite Books:

     - “The Old Man and the Sea”      - “The Catcher in the Rye”

Why she is excited to represent Team USO:

Paige believes we owe a deep debt of gratitude for the contributions and sacrifices service members have made and continue to make during their service to our country. She is looking forward to showing her appreciation for the Americans who choose to protect and defend the freedoms and liberties we all hold so dear

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