Get to Know Team USO Runner Robert Bruce

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Senior Chief Robert Bruce is a member of Team USO running in the 2023 Boston Marathon® and raising funds on behalf of the USO. Let’s get to know more about Senior Chief Bruce!

Military Service:

      - Currently serving in the United States Navy


      - Running       - Fishing       - Camping       - Dabbling in real estate

Favorite Movies:

      - “The Usual Suspects”       - “A Christmas Story”       - “Lost in Translation”

      - “The Princess Bride”       - “Labyrinth”

Favorite Music/Musicians:

      - AC/DC       - Metallica       - Wu-Tang Clan       - Eminem       - Notorious B.I.G.

      - Train

Celebrities He’d Love to Meet:

      - Larry Bird       - Bill Murray       - Jay-Z

Favorite Sports Team:

      - Boston Celtics

Favorite TV Shows:

      - “Yellowstone”       - “Dexter”       - “Breaking Bad”

Favorite Books:

      - “Hatchet”       - “Extreme Ownership”

Why he is excited to represent Team USO:

Senior Chief Bruce’s dream is to run the Boston Marathon and he is thrilled to be doing it under the USO name. Throughout his military career, Senior Chief Bruce has utilized various USO programs and services, and he wants to give back to the organization that has given him and thousands of service members so much since 1941.

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