Military Kids Are Heroes, Too! Deliveries

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USS Constitution sailors pulled out their super suits to help with the day's deliveries. Photo by 11:27 Photo.

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Thanks to Hansom Federal Credit Union for sponsoring today's event! Photo by 11:27 Photo.

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Photo by 11:27 Photo.

One of our favorite annual events to celebrate our awesome military kids is the Military Kids Are Heroes, Too! party. The event may have looked a little different this year, but the pandemic didn’t get in the way of us celebrating the courage and resilience of our military kids!

Thanks to event sponsor Hanscom Federal Credit Union and our USS Constitution sailors/heroes, we were able to host a drive thru delivery event, handing goody bags out to help our little heroes kick off the summer superhero style!

Thanks to Kelsey Holt of 11:27 Photo for donating her time and photography talent to capturing lots of smiles today! More photos can be seen on our Facebook page, and while you’re there, why not LIKE and FOLLOW our page to stay up to date on upcoming events, ticket opportunities, and more!

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