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Volunteers and staff welcome home 120 Marines & Sailors back from a year long deployment.

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Volunteers and staff welcome home another 200 Marines & Sailors returning from a year long deployment in Japan.

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A USO volunteer on hand with snacks and welcomes as a large group of Marines & Sailors arrive in Brunswick, Maine on their way home from deployment.

Here at USO New England, our dedicated staff and volunteers are honored to come to work each day to support our service members and their families in a variety of ways through all the phases of their service.

But there’s no doubt about it, the best part of working for the USO is when you have the chance to say: WELCOME HOME!

The past few weeks the USO has been on hand to welcome home several commands of Sailors and Marines throughout the New England region, including those we’d gathered to say goodbye to a year ago. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing those USO care packs having made the journey safely back stateside with their service member.

We are honored to be on hand to welcome back our service members and so grateful to have you home safely! Thank you!

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