United Through Reading

Are you preparing for a deployment cycle or know someone who is?

One of the most difficult things a family can experience is separation. This is especially difficult for children, but there is a great way you can connect each day with your child…. United Through Reading helps ease the stress of separation for military families by allowing service members to stay connected to their children through the magic of reading aloud.

You can set up a time for a recording session and select a book or books you would like to read to your child - it’s simple and easy. We will help you complete a special DVD, which you can then give to your child, along with their new story book. When you are away they can watch you on the screen and read along with their book! It’s a great way to reassure them Mom or Dad is ok and thinking of them every day.

Call, email or stop by the US CG Base Boston Center to inquire about setting up a UTR session today!

Upcoming Events

  1. United Through Reading 

    Hanscom Air Force Base

    1427 Kirtland Street Hanscom AFB Bedford, MA

    Create a memory that lasts a lifetime and stay connected to your family by recording a children’s book with the USO and United Through Reading. United Through Reading helps ease the stress of separation by having service members separated from their…

    Dec 20th, 2018 6:00 PM EST (1800R)

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